31 Jan 2011

P Diddy and the 100 Zillions of Dollars

One of the wonderful, yet disturbing thing about US is what people are willing to take each other to court for.  You know, like the Dartmouth professor who sued students for being mean,  accused students in her French narrative theory class of "anti-intellectualism" or the man who sued his dry cleaning company for $67 million for inconvenience, mental anguish and attorney's fees for representing himself, as a result of their failure, in Pearson's opinion, to live up to a "satisfaction guaranteed" sign that was displayed in the store. He later came back, said he thought his claim was outrageous, and reduced it to a more favorable figure, $54 million. He was going to use part of that money to rent a car that he would use to drive to a new dry cleaner. 

Today however, in my book, won the most hilariously absurd of all. Now, I am not a fan of P Diddy and his many, many dramas, but this time round, I am on the poor guy's side. Sometime ago, he met a woman, did all the nasty stuff he does with his women and left. Hell, having no fury like a woman scorned, puked out its rejects and out came this woman. Her name is Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, and by jove, she is scorned! She is has a list of complains, and is asking for her day in court. In her very short list of grievances, the following are her claims:
  • P Diddy caused 9/11. No more details offered on how and why. But he allegedly did this with the help of  his ex, Kim Porter and the famous Rodney King . You will remembered Mr. King as they guy who was beaten up by some racist LA cops back in '91. 
  • P Diddy also put Turks some to hospital.  She says - "[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC and then they all came and knocked my children down. Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. He put my baby in a wheelchair."  If I was the judge, I would love to hear how Diddy "went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC"
  • Turks went gambling in Mississippi with Diddy and won some money. She had a chip that Diddy kept, she heard that he gave it to a certain Gwen, who cannot cash it. This chip is worth ' 100 zilion of dollars'. I did not even know that that is an actual amount!
  • from RadarOnline.
  • She's asking for $900 billion dollars in child support, and $100 billion dollars for "loss of income". 
Whatever  P Diddy is mixed up in this time round, sure is twisted! And if he indeed had sexual relations with that woman and fathered her baby, then he just hit an ever lower low!

Methinks I should dig up men from my past and sue them for something. I don't now, maybe loss of time when I was dating them? And perhaps put a monetary value on that time, at say, $1000,000 per second spent with me?

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