February 05, 2011

..not when I am given, or even i read warnings. Don;t you just love the Kenyan manner of speaking. Like 'me i don't and starting sentences with words like imagine...

Back to me not heading to warnings. I am the kind of person who is told, ' Do not do that" and my responses, usually at the same time doing exactly that is 'why?' I was a 'why' child and I never grew out of it. Nate told me one day, driving from Oakland to Los Angeles that I ask more whys that a child. Why? was my response. I just wanna know stuff...Why? Not so that I can be incredibly knowledgeable and have intelligent conversation at dinner parties. Or even so that my blog posts can contribute to my readers mental growth. Uh-uh. Just.

So I ended up on a website that had a little link on the left that said ' Do not click here' . Which in Dark Angel speak meant, Click here with all the might you can muster. And Click I did. It lead me to another page, which the same warning repeated. ' Do not click here' Who died and made you God to tell me when to and not to click? clicks tongue, and clicks the link.

What followed was a  little pop up that said something like, hello, i am an alert box, with an OK button, which miss click, clicked. And then it proceeded to have conversations with me. Like, how are you- click OK - you don't say much- click OK- you are a shallow human being - click OK - don't you have anything intelligent to say except click OK - click OK....and so on. Now, there was no Cancel or Quit button. Just a silly OK button that made me feel oh-so-stupid! This went on for about 5 minutes. The most stupid 5 minutes of my life! then when the silly thing came to an end, after making me feel like the lowliest of worms, there was no way to quit it! So it started all over again! I had to quit my browser, (that will teach me, I had email replies that I was still typing!), and make sure that particular tab did not open again.

If you have 5 minutes of your life you never wanna get back ( not that there are any that you will ever get back), amuse yourself here http://www.blueswami.com/Donotclickhere.html#

A couple of years ago, I did a post on men's guide to women's bra sizes. It was not original, but it was inspired by the guy i was dating then. He asked me to explain to him what 36C and DD stand for in women's bra (are there men's bras? why do we need to clarify that?). So I did what every person who owns a computer and has decent internet connection does when asked a question that you have an answer to - Googled it. I came across a very stupid proof way of explaining to men the numerals and alphabet behind women's bras. It was done in a language they (men) understand, with graphics they would not be forgetting soon. It was intended to be a little post, those that get tucked away in your archive. But no. I had opened a pandora box. I had put 'men' and 'bra' in the same sentence.

Years later, this little post has become the major source of traffic to my blog. So much so that a Google search of the term 'mens guide to bra sizes' produces my blog as the No. 1 result! Think I am joshing? I took a screen shot to prove it:

No publicity is bad publicity no? But it makes me cringe at the amount of pervs ending up on my blog. But then again, it could be all well meaning men who are trying to understand their women's  bras sizes for when they next got to Victoria Secret for that Valentine day present. Talking of which, I find men buying their women lingerie a very selfish thing. I mean, isn't that meant to send the message 'I want to see you in this little number so that it can lead to even less?' Maybe it's just me...

For now, I will take comfort in the hope that its all well meaning boys ending up here. But it does make me wonder if and when this blog becomes a mommy blog, should I make revise that post and make it about those breastfeeding bras? Maybe even make it about udder covers? I read about those here and I can't remember on which post.