29 Dec 2009

Oh, Kenya. Gotta get hold of your chickens!

In today's paper, there is a very interesting, but sad article. It's about dead chicken and Kenyan policemen in a town called Nanyuki

A former street boy sees a van offload a sack at a dumping site. When he goes closer to the vehicle, it speeds away, suspiciously. The bag is bloody. It smells bad, really bad...like rotting flesh. He calls the police, tells them that he thinks fetuses. Why? Because of the smell, the blood, and the license plates of the van were kinda concealed.

The policemen came and took the bags away to a mortuary. They booked the bags as two bodies of twins aged 2 months.

Yep, without even opening the bags!

That was on 27th December. On 28th, 15 hours after the 'fetuses' were brought to the mortuary, the attendants took them out of the refrigerator to wash them.

On opening the bag, there lay 10 chicken carcasses.

Good job guys!