27 Oct 2009

African Girls Wanted - The african girl Experience

A few years ago, after blogging too much and spending too much on the internet, after meeting all the wrong men and dating most of them, I decided to re-join a dating site. I graduated from the 'try anything once' school of thought. So i signed up, hoping to learn what goes on there, if there was really something to it. I even added my picture and put in all the truthful details. I was not looking I had just come out of one of those relationships that almost makes you turn gay (not that its a bad thing). I had joined a dating site prior to this while in college, but that was to chat to pass time. I went ahead and dated, forgot about the site for that period and when that relationship kaput, i remembered the site.

I had formed friends in there. Most i never met but we continued to chat over more familiar IM's. We updated each other on life as real friends do. When i went back to the chat room, most of those old friends were there, still looking, or given up. Thing is, if you join a dating site and are still searching for 3 years, time to close it and go to your plan B. On of the most interesting things about dating sites is the weirdos you meet, the wacky profiles you read and to top it, the conversations you have with these weirdos. Pity I never saved those chats. Most would be in the lines of, Do you want to be my slave? Can i come and rescue you from Africa? I'm looking for an African wife... in which case I would tell them ' there are many African wives....slight problem is you will need to talk to their African husbands'

I use Skype a lot. But primarily for business and to talk to Nate even when were are 30 minutes away from each other. A few days ago, i was talking to a girlfriend of mine on Skype when all of a sudden she laments. 'I'm sick and tired of these weirdos!'  Which ones, I ask. These random Skype chats! So she sends me an excerpt of her conversation with some man called Hakan_6494. I have changed her name to V.

19, 2009 2:12 PM] V: [1:23:01 PM] Hakan_6494: hi
[1:44:02 PM] V: hello
[1:46:03 PM] Hakan_6494: hello how are you ?
[1:46:30 PM] V: am well u?
[1:46:41 PM] Hakan_6494: thanks
[1:46:48 PM] Hakan_6494: my name is Hakan .
[1:46:55 PM] Hakan_6494: your name is V ?
[1:47:21 PM] V: yes.
[1:47:31 PM] Hakan_6494: nice to meet you V
[1:47:34 PM] Hakan_6494: (handshake)
[1:47:45 PM] V: nice to meet you too
[1:47:56 PM] Hakan_6494: your old 29 ?
[1:48:11 PM] V: no much older
[1:48:27 PM] Hakan_6494: how old ?
[1:48:48 PM] V: 39
[1:48:53 PM] V: and u?
[1:49:21 PM] Hakan_6494: 33
[1:49:26 PM] Hakan_6494: r u married ?
[1:49:41 PM] V: yes. but i cheat occassionally
[1:49:47 PM] V: where are u from?
[1:49:54 PM] Hakan_6494: Turkey
[1:49:56 PM] V: ooo
[1:50:02 PM] V: too far
[1:50:09 PM] V: and u? married?
[1:50:24 PM] Hakan_6494: no
[1:50:49 PM] V: by 33 was two years into marriage.
[1:52:06 PM] Hakan_6494: ı looking a african girl for marry
[1:52:49 PM] V: whatever happened to love and romance?
[1:53:08 PM] V: n africa? is it the trendy thing to do?
[1:53:23 PM] V: you are interesting!!!!
[1:53:34 PM] Hakan_6494: why ?
[1:54:15 PM] V: a white girl from africa? or a black gal?
[1:54:27 PM] V: or an asian african?
[1:54:42 PM] Hakan_6494: i like african girl
[1:55:05 PM] V: all those races i have described (and much more) can be found in africa
[1:55:39 PM] V: the logical conclusion is that you perceive black as african!!
[1:56:05 PM] V: there is much more to this continent

Clearly, this man wants anything with 'African' in it. Which is what most men , (on and offline), especially from Europe are in search of. African girls have become what black babies are to celebrities. An acquisition to get you status and to look trendy. The next Louis Vuitton bag. The next chihuahua in that Louis Vuitton bag. It might sound harsh coming from me, who is dating a white man, but if ever i had the slightest inkling that he was with me for the 'African girl experience, I would dump his white ass faster than he could he could say Kunta Kinte. 

It is sicken really.

But these ones from India did make me laugh

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Location : International » International
Posted on : 21-Jul-2009

Salaams. i am 32 years old, and live in South Africa, i am a born South African Indian.I am planning to go to India in January 2010 to find a girl for marriage and get married there, then return to South Africa.I am seeking a humble,timid, muslim girl from a poor and common muslim home.I promise and offer a comfortable home back in South Africa, and my family and all are very welcoming and there for me. My family is Urdu speaking,and i understand urdu, and can speak a little of it.Any sincere girls interested in this, can email me .I can also chat on microphone and web camera if you wish and let fate take its course if we find we have something special..i am serious to marry in January.
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Contact : Anwar

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Location : Tamil Nadu » Chennai » North » Villivakkam
Posted on : 22-May-2009


I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, a confident and career oriented person, with a strong values and good sense of humor. I am easy going but socialize selectively. Worked in India, Syria and Singapore. Currently working in Malaysia. I hold B1/B2 visa to USA and also hold PR status in Singapore. Visited USA for business and personal reasons. I like to watch drama and action movies, like music very much, not much interested in sports but like to keep fit. I am a straight forward and understanding person...but very sensitive and serious when it comes to the matter of love and affection. Looking for a partner who will be a friend, willing to stand by me at every stage of my life. should be very understanding by nature.

Had fifteen days of married life in ninety four. No encumbrances, For more details please call or email me.

Wish you good luck......"

Profile ID: M1436292   
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Contact : Kumaran
Phone : 017954143

Notice  he is....very sensitive and serious when it comes to the matter of love and affection but had fifteen days of married life in ninety four.

Viva las  Chicas Africanas!