27 Oct 2010

Though shall (n't)get busted!

There is a radio show in Kenya called busted. It works like this. Partner A suspects Partner B is cheating. A calls the radio station and explains the situation to the presenter.  The presenter comes up with a 'story' and calls up partner B. Usually, B will say something stupid that will lead to her/him being caught cheating.

In this particular show, a man suspects that his wife is cheating on him with her boss. The wife has been 'working late' a lot and he is beginning to doubt any work  is getting done at that time of the night. He  calls the radio show asking for help. In this episode, the presenter pretends to be the wife to the boss... listen on..

More from Vancouver

Vancouver Beach
Me at Stanley Park
Nate at Stanley Park

Around the world - Vancouver

A few weeks ago, Nate and I left for Vancouver.  After the culture shock ( we were staying on Davie Street, Google it), we settled in quickly. We were busy, not much to sight see, but we did manage a visit to Stanley Park and the seaside (or their version of the beach).  See, for me, if the beach does not look like this-- basically, miles and miles of white sand and blue water, then it doesn't count as a beach.

We also got to eat the best hot-dogs i have ever tasted by the sea side, right next to these people:

The are the most amazing (hilarious thing). A little info about them -

Yue Minjun uses his own iconic face in a state of hysterical laughter as a signature trademark. Recognized universally as a sign of happiness, the smile raises questions of intent and interpretation. One of the most influential contemporary artists in China, Yue Minjun represents the new wave of Chinese artistic freedom.
A-Mazing Laughter marks Yue Minjun’s Canadian debut.