August 29, 2009

This is the title of  my new blog. As if i dont have enough already. But this is purely about Nate and I and all the stuff that comes from being love. That was, instead of subjecting all you loveless creatures out there to mindless rant about what he said, what I said and how much sex we are having, you get to chose whether you want to know that or not. Not that this blog does contribute to your mental growth anyway, but that might give you pointers. Yeah you know what I am talking about. Occasionally, maybe Nate himself will post. Who knows. I don't, you dont...
So, in case you cant keep your curiousity in check, here's introducing (pause for effect, drum roll and confetti)
Horray! Now sit...thank you.
Yeah, its also open for comments. Except when you wnat to hate on us. Then you can go to hell. Without sunblock and a plan B.
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I have been running this blog for about 4 years now. From the humble beginnings on My space, to Blogger, to Wordpress (for a few hours yesterday night).

As I was sitting in the office, in the dead of the night, it came to me. My blog has been undergoing the same changes as me. It has been reflecting the mood, state of mind and state of being of what is going on in my life. I think that is what blogs are supposed to do anyway.

I noticed that when Nate and I got together, I changed my blog template. I had been meaning to do that, I just never got around to doing it. I guess there is an unconcious need in me to change my stuff with a new change in my life.

So, I have changed the blog's header to Nate's Girl. Because that is what I love being. His girl. I have refrained from getting all mushy and lovey on the blog for the period we have been together, and most of my readers have no idea who this Nate is that i suddenely started blogging about. Not to worry, I will tell all soon. And possibly , you will notice that he is about to become a permanent fixture on this blog. Along with Frosty, Biggie and Blackie. Anf Togetherness Supreme, our film. No, the film is not about us. It's about this.

Welcome to the changes.

...that is what I had yesterday night. It was a blessing in disguise as it made my mind so tired, I promtly fell I asleep when I finally went to bed. At 1 am. Trying to figure out CSS and contemplating my new move.

I had a short stint at Wordpress. Long enough to discover that I could not make any changes to my CSS. Oh, I could make changes, I just could not save them. Until I purchased the upgrade. I am cheap, when it comes to blogging. I know maintaining these things requires money, but in my reasoning, since my blogging is not for money but to merely bore entertain you with my life escapades, I chose to stay here at Blogger. 

I just noticed that they (Blogger) have also reworked their text  / post editor and its now so much better! Maybe my threat to move did get some heads rolling!

Blogger, I am back.