9 May 2006

I(a)dio(ul)ts huh?

You might have gotten me wrong when i talk about wedlock. I just hate the context in which that word is applied. it is made to look as if it is the (insit)u(t)nion that justifies sex. not that it stops anyone from wandering...to me, it just provides the sand for the fidelityphobic persons to bury their head in...or that proverbial blade of grass.

I'm not pointing fingers, and merely pointing accusatory fingers!

What amazes me is the extends that people (adults) will go to direct those fingers to us (so called-young-ones) yet they are the same men who will grab the nearest 3 year old girl (including their daughters). Which is worse, me getting babies out of wed(ding)lock or them defiling babies. why is it that what (we) young people do is blown out of proportion and everything they do is played cool and actually 'deliberated upon'? What kind of shyte is that???

I'm done being docile today, tomorrow i start ranting...

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