21 Oct 2006

Back to (my) life

I'm sitting on some hotel rooftop, staring the sea ( that's not right, I'm staring at my screen as i write this) somewhere in an island where Donkeys rule. yep, you guessed it, I'm in Lamu. It is my first day of a one month movie thing that will see move between four towns in that period. and all i can say is though the pay is crap, i love being back in the game. location is my home, production is my aphrodisiac...

After a roller coaster month with more love / work drama than all South America can come up with, it's a breath of fresh air (more like sea breeze) out here. and i plan on making the best of it. I'll be working under some Germanese nazi-ress who everyone has warned me about. mmmhh, what a welcoming thought!

My love life should be recovering but (damn i hate that word) it looks to me like I'm trying to hard and the effort is not reciprocated. i feel like if i decided to walk out, I'd get a pat on the back and a subtle "it was nice dating you ma'am". the last thing i wanna think about is my r/ship while away. and even though this time away should give me space to evaluate, I have actually come to realize that i need to evaluate nothing. I'm more in love than the other person. I'm not gonna obsess about it, since i made it known how i feel b4 i left and well, lets see if they do some thinking!

Gotta fly (not out the window, which is not a bad idea since I'll land in the ocean)

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