13 Apr 2007

Fighting Stumps...

I was supposed to have blogged these weeks ago. But things happened and I kept postponing it. And I kinda felt that I owed you, the reader an update of what has been happening in my life since I claimed that I was bonding. Claimed... not really, we really were doing that.

So I go for a shoot at the foot of the escarpment. Now for those who know the Great Rift Valley view point, you do agree that that is one of the most awesome sights in Kenya. We are staying in this Ranch where they bottle mineral water, a Garden of Eden Tucked away… See opposite image

I had mixed feelings about the place. One; anger. It is owned by colonialist. Now I have no problem with the British,, but after reading "Britain's Gulag", the las thing I want to see id a settler on Kenyan soil. But that a sentiment for another day. Two; romantic. Yes, so romantic that I took DVP there for a three day getaway. Now, the owners (grrr) have tapped the spring water into natural pools enclosed by water lilies and vegetation around that you can skinny dip in broad daylight without a fear. You do know what follows skinny dipping…

On the last day, after much sun and sex, sometimes not in that order, we sat around waiting to be picked up back to Nairobi. Now, the following story has different versions, depending on who you talk to. ME: DVP was walking going to bird watch, leaving me alone to occupy myself. The gods saw this not to be fit, and decided to halt him. He walked right into a tree stump, fell on a cactus plant and got almost 3 inches of a splinter into his shin. I had to drain liters of blood before I got the splinter out. Almost three weeks later, he is still nursing the wound, the stump still stands. HIM: I was trying to make my g/friend laugh, a cactus tree, the size of a baobab appeared from nowhere, attacked me, and I have o stay, I was not fit enough, but you should see the tree now. I'm way better…STUMP: I have been dead for 25 years, was just ling around, as usual when this human walked into me. I did not mean to hurt anyone; after all, I'm dead. He did, however, steal apart of my heritage, took it with him in his leg.

What can I say, everyone has different perspective of situations..

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