1 Jun 2007

When Queer Ain't

I don't intend to encourage people to blame everything on the way they were brought up, but then, that happens to be the root of my contention. Most of the beliefs and opinions that we embrace can be directly or indirectly attributed to our upbringing. I my case, it's quite the latter, indirectly. It's actually more of inversely proportional. I was brought up on a one-way highway to heaven; bible in hand, church the much needed tavern in the hard journey called life.

Now, looking back at that, I think I was on a one-way highway to being a clueless groupie. I moved further and further away from the (basic) teachings I got while growing up, which has made me a rebel… I like to call myself controversial. And now I advocate for things that are not 'acceptable', 'normal' 'conforming'…

Morality, homosexuality. Mmhh, tough.

How we act depends on what we think things are, and what things are for us depends on the idea of them that we share with other people and see followed in daily life. And sex for me is inclusive of that. It matters whether (men & women) view it as something that is by its nature has to be respected and has to do with love, marriage and children or as a feature their bodies happen to have that they can do with, as they will. Which includes having sex with whoever/ whatever you want, as long as both parties involved are consenting.

Every time I broach this topic, the question I always get is; why are you not gay yourself? My answer? I don't like milk, there is nothing wrong with milk, to the contrary, it is healthy; does that mean I should launch a hate campaign on milk? Should I spend my life looking down on milk, degrading it simply because it is not my preference? Merely because I choose (note the word) something does not mean that I cannot support it. It all comes down to self-will, choices and decisions.

Morality is a system (there is that annoying word) of principles and judgments based on cultural, religious, and philosophical concepts and beliefs, by which humans determine whether given actions are right or wrong. These concepts and beliefs are often generalized and codified by a culture or group, and thus serve to regulate the behavior of its members. Conformity to such codification may also be called morality, and the group may depend on widespread conformity to such codes for its continued existence.

The criterion that is used to conceptualize what is right / wrong is a product of a group of people's opinions. It is a consensus between a certain select of the society's best that comes up what to allow and what not to. Why do I not (and never will) consider homosexuality (that includes lesbianism) immoral?

First, for obvious reasons - I have my own ideas of what is moral and what is not, and I have to say, most of it is inverse to the universal 'code of conduct'.

Two, Lets look at the functions of sex, put aside the procreation purpose. It is also a legitimate involvement of bodies conveying love. If love/sex is based on understanding between two people / beings / things, rather than being centered on the notions of procreation, then the love of a couple of the same sex need no be lees than that two people / beings / things of the opposite sex. Neither is their need to express that love through what they deem a satisfactory channel to both of them need be less important.

Sex before marriage is wrong, so the society tells us. But it then becomes right (moral) if the two person (mostly of the opposite sex), get married. Justification of the sexual act is then possible due the fact that the two persons have made a covenant with each other, to be committed (before community and clergy). And that's the yin and yang of that, no two ways about it. But then, what about the selfish acts in the matrimonial bed? The lack of satisfaction, exploitation of sex by both persons, in the same covenant that moralized the sex? In that regard, I reckon it is only safe (not that I care) to say that it's actually impossible to make justification, classification and rulings as to when sex is right / wrong, acceptable or not. As long as both parties are consenting, then let them go ahead and bonk their brains out.

If that streetlight near your house was to make a pass at you…

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