9 Jan 2007

The Danish Viking Prince.. A Fairy Tale by Dark Angel Prt I

Did not want to blog during Christmas just in case anyone felt sorry for me...not that you would have had time to read this that day anyway.. I think Christmas, like other 'love/romantic/ family holidays are overrated. I mean, everyone would rather stay indoors and just chill, instead of pushing through throngs of people to buy presents you can always get on any other given day (forget the fact that they at this time, they are overpriced), and having to cope with relatives who would rather talk about how much you've grown, changed, blossomed, grown rich.. blah blah and you feel like screaming...SHUT UP....this whole thing is a farce!! anyway, despite all that, no one wants to spend those days alone, and you always feel bad if you have to...look at this way, I do not recognize Thanksgiving, to me is any other day, but some American (woman) will wail at the fact that she has to spend (another) Thanksgivings alone...and its hard to ignore that day when everyone is all fuss about it..

Anyway, I spent the day in bed, with the most handsome, strongest men ever imagined. YES, imagined. I watched all Spidermans, Supermans..even the Christopher Reeve ones, X-men, then graduated (ha ha) to fairy tales...and to drive the point home to my heart, i picked the animated ones... Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Snow white...what more could a gal want???? and after watching all those, i actually did feel wonderful, blissful, kinda floaty...and a deep part of me concurred with my brain that i will forever believe in fairy tales and magic and all those things wonderful and the lovely surprises that make life a notch better. Which cames true for me few days after Christmas.

I met a man, and hit with an intensity that would shame the California fires!! And by new year, we were cooking together, watching the stars and enjoying the silence of the night...and in our own special style, we ushered in the new year.

A Danish Viking Prince, in all his glory (my knight in sleeping armor i call him, because he looks so good while asleep) i know, i know...

I'm still reeling from the whirlwhind of it all. I mean, can you believe that we even went for a HIV test ( annoying part of living in this century is that the Prince and Princess have to go through that little distraction in their fairy filled life or endure what i call Condomercial Breaks...

All in the same breath, i got a beautiful house (Castle) , which i gladly live in with my Irish Pal (mmmh, a twist in the tale) and my Danish viking Prince. I have to explain the Prince part. You see.. his father once did a family tree, and yes, he is of royal blood, though some generations removed.. (the lengths i wont go into!!) Then i began my new job in the Advertising Agency, which i have to say, cant wait to get my teeth into coz it is damn fun.

My lunch break is over, i have to get back to my job...and i have more to look forward to..the going home part of it. Not loosing any glass slipper on the way either!

Did i mention that the Danish viking Prince is around for four months...in which i get to savor all the delicacies Denmark has to offer... (and I'm not talking about Danish cookies ) do you think they like fat Danish Princesses??

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