3 Sept 2008

Partying Gothic

In a couple of weeks, i turn a quarter of a century. It feels like just the other day, I was doing this

No, i was not drowning, I was trying to have a birthday party - by the pool. It did not occur to me that alcohol and pools do not mix, or if you really have to, then you need to make sure that your guests are natural floaters.

Yep, that is what I'm talking about. Buoyancy. Space for me to enjoy my party without having to jump into a pool now and then to save some stupid drunk. I suddenly think that Phelps
learnt his trade by attending pool parties. If he had pool parties like that one of mine, say 5 years in a row, that man had no choice but to be the best at it. I think that was his driving force. His Aphrodite. I'm tempted to think this was his mental image

I was tempted to have another pool party this year, with the exception of the water. That thought had a lifespan of about 10 seconds before i got this thought flash

Ok, not what i want to deal with. Would rather find this in my pool. Easier on the mind...though kinda harsh on the eye.

So I decided to have a Goth party. After all, i came into this world crying and shit. I'm talking about those people that think that "American Gothic" is a portrait . I figured that I'd have some Emo kids over, that way, they'd sit around, crying and hating life and not keep asking me where the drinks are. And if i get a power black-out like in my last party, I would not run around sourcing for generator. They are happy just embracing the darkness, being in their element.

I have learnt thought that my party is being referred to as a big 'Haunt'. This is the explanation i was given by Andrew Eldritch.

A Haunt is limited from one to four, because that's the number that can sit in an apartment room or middle sized dorm without crowding, or the number that can creepycrawl an abandoned building without startling the ghosts or arousing outside security (if they're careful), or the number of goths who you can call your best friends and who haunt your heart forever.

But that was corrected immediately after by Zac, who insisted that that would be Dearth. More than thirteen, more than you can count when your head is spinning from one too many Sampoerna Xtras and that last snakebite you had. Hope you're not on medication. Nightclubs always have a dearth of Goths. You should remember Zac from MmmBop. I heard that that was their fall from goth. That one song.

I think this is what i will get in my house on that day

..or not. I think these ones are called Scientologists. Or Joseph Smith-ers. Can never tell the diference really.

My biggest worry is that the kids I'm having over are so goth, they get hit on by necrophiliacs. I don't want those people in my house. Not really, not really, no. I mean this kids are so goth that nuns hate them for having garments that are blacker than theirs. I hear it's called 'Black Black' and they spend hours deciding what shade of that Black Black they should wear, then complain that those blacks don't match. These are people who did not cry for the soother when they were babies - they mourned. They only used black crayons, and their first words were 'death'.

Whichever the case, what could possible go wrong when hanging out with a bunch of kids of just want to die? Any disaster would be welcome relief for them. They will probably cry throughout the party at how much 'fun' is being had. After all, don't they dot their i's with frowny smileys and called a smiley smile an 'inverted smile'?

I do know that they are baking me this cake though.

By the way, i invited Phelps to the party, and told him the theme. Guy asked if he can show up dressed in this...

Told him no. He insisted it was black. Spent a couple of hours trying to explain the difference between gay and goth.

More goths are partying

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