16 Jan 2009

A Taste of the 'Sun' in Myrtle Beach

A couple of months back, I got the rare chance to work with Fall Out Boy in Uganda on the set of one of their music videos. Not only was that a great experience for me, but to be involved in a cause that truly takes children's lives as priority was a humbling experience.

I've always wanted to see a famous band live, and I missed my all time favourite, Hinder, by a whisker in Myrtle Beach. As they rocked the Golf Capital of the world, I was freezing my behind off at Times Square. A few weeks later, I was in Orlando banging my head to the drums of my good friend Andrew Hurley and the rest of the Fall Out Boy live at the House of Blues. Later, I became a member of House of Blues just so that I don't miss a good show. And when i saw that Edwin McCain was in town, I was ecstatic! Now, all my friends know that I've had fantasies of watching him perform live, heavens knows i have gone as far as imagining him singing ' I'll Be' at my wedding. Lady dreameth far too much! I was skeptical though about his opening band. I had never heard of them before. I have put together rock shows before and i know nothing kills the morale of the fans as a bad opening band. My first thought was to go after this band had performed, but the thought that I'd loose my seat made me go earlier. And what a surprise!!

The band is made up of three lads from Atlanta, Georgia. They walked onto the stage and you could tell that not many people were familiar with their music. It would not be a good thing to call their music pop. Well to me, pop is NKTB or some boyband...bordering on teenage-ish, niether of which can be used to describe them. Their music is sharp but sweet breeze of difference. It is this melodious fusion of soft rock with a soulful yet engaging element to it. It is mature, yet playful and simple.. and deep. I could not help but think how much like Coldplay they did sound, except Chris Martin sometimes makes me want to feel sorry for some inexplicable reason. What hits you first is this laid -back attitude about them, the feeling like you can walk over and say, 'Hey dude, how about doing that song RHP song?'

For a about 30 minutes, i forgot who i actually came to see! Yeah, that good. 'Burning Both Ends' is one of the songs that got to me. You just have to listen to it to understand...


Don't take my word for it. I could be lying. This is my review of them, what's yours? Sample what i did (only that i did it live) by going to their MySpace page. They also maintian a blog which i'm sure they dont mind you dropping by.

I cannot recall who is who, apart from the drummer, who by the way did this great drumming set, that the end of the performrance the screams at the House of Blues woke up the geriatrics 10 miles away. All i rememeber is that one of them had a shock of fuzzy blonde hair. Sorry, no pictures were allowed...

They are:

Jason Pomarlead vocals/bass guitar

Edgel Groves, Jr.guitar and vocals

Nathan Lathousedrums and vocals

Be sure to check them out! Sun Domingo are a band to watch.

And just in case you were wondering , yes, Edwin McCain blew the socks off my feet, and i was wearing boots. One of the few times that i feel like what i paid was unfair to the perfomers!

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