29 Aug 2009

Temporary Insanity

...that is what I had yesterday night. It was a blessing in disguise as it made my mind so tired, I promtly fell I asleep when I finally went to bed. At 1 am. Trying to figure out CSS and contemplating my new move.

I had a short stint at Wordpress. Long enough to discover that I could not make any changes to my CSS. Oh, I could make changes, I just could not save them. Until I purchased the upgrade. I am cheap, when it comes to blogging. I know maintaining these things requires money, but in my reasoning, since my blogging is not for money but to merely bore entertain you with my life escapades, I chose to stay here at Blogger. 

I just noticed that they (Blogger) have also reworked their text  / post editor and its now so much better! Maybe my threat to move did get some heads rolling!

Blogger, I am back.

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