13 Feb 2010

Berlin- Day #1

Today is my second day in Berlin, first day at the Talent Campus.

Despite the fact that Germans wont gave any signs in English (it's Germany anyway...) things are going on well. I arrived yesterday, figured out how to get to my hostel and how to get to the registration center, despite the cold...

I missed breakfast today. Because I had to queue for one hour to get tickets to some Berlinale Talent Campus events and the movies at the Berlinale Film Festival-- those which were not sold out already! I did manage  get a ticket for Imani, a film from Uganda.

I had so far met people from as far as Bosnia, and made friends with many more. At some point i did think it was too overwhelming.

Today is orientation day. I have signed up for a couple of interesting events / workshops... including this one

" Making Things Happen: The Producer in Close-Up
Cedomir Kolar, Katriel Schory
Producing is not just contributing to the production process – it is doing the entire process. Producers contribute to the development of the script, help design the production, from the look, to the cast, to the crew, to the rhythm, to the tone, they work on the film’s release, the marketing and the distribution strategy. Katriel Schory, acclaimed producer and now director of the Israeli Film Fund and Cedomir Kolar, co-founder of A.S.A.P. Films, state that it takes a lot to be a producer, to ensure that all options are carefully thought through and the ramification of each choice considered in advance. The two established producers will look closely into the process of producing and discuss the various elements that make a good producer for any project. They will focus on project development, creative producing and financing, as well as setting up co-productions, marketing, distribution and selecting filmmakers to work with."

Gotta go now..

more updates later

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