27 Apr 2010

Forgotten (not)

No, i haven't forgotten how to write. Better yet, I haven't forgotten my readers. And no, its not that there is nothing new to report, sometimes life gets in the way of living.

Last time I updated you was in February.

Whats happened since then...well, Kibera Film School students graduated on March 27th. For me, it was like a birthday celebration of a rebirth. 9 months before, 10 students had enrolled in the film school's pilot project. 8 of them were graduating that day and the joy on their faces is something that keeps me going when i feel like i have bitten too much that i can chew.

The same month saw the nomination of our first feature film, Togetherness Supreme, which i produced (if you don't know that by now, I blame it on the media who never get my name right!)  to the Africa Movie Academy Awards, in 4 categories - Best film in an African Language, Best Child Actor  ( two children nominated), Most Promising Actor and Most Promising Actress. In April, the main actress and I traveled to  Nigeria for the Awards. We won in 2 categories - Best Child Actor ( the 2 kids), Most Promising Actor. See, now you know someone almost famous...and i will take this opportunity to invite you to join our facebook group.

Now we have been working on the premiere of the film in Kenya, which as of yesterday, has been scheduled for May 29th 2010 at the Impala Grounds. Its an invitation only event, better start lobbying me for those tickets eh? Immediately after, we will start screening the film in Kibera and other informal settlements in Nairobi. If you are in the Facebook Group, you get to see the updates on where its happening :-). You are also invited to help...or you can request a screening of the film in your area (even outside of Kenya). We take break in June as we like soccer too (and it's in Africa, so yeah!!). In July, we go on the road for a national wide Road show in Kenya. We will be screening the film outdoors in the evenings and holding peace and reconciliation workshops, live entertainment etc during the day. If you are in Kenya and you would like to get involved, drop me a line...

What else? Oh, Kibera Film School next intake is ongoing and the classes are scheduled to start on May 3rd. Volunteers welcome.

Love life. That happens here.

So that's it. Doesn't sound as if it would keep me away from my lovely blog, but it did!

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