27 Oct 2010

Around the world - Vancouver

A few weeks ago, Nate and I left for Vancouver.  After the culture shock ( we were staying on Davie Street, Google it), we settled in quickly. We were busy, not much to sight see, but we did manage a visit to Stanley Park and the seaside (or their version of the beach).  See, for me, if the beach does not look like this-- basically, miles and miles of white sand and blue water, then it doesn't count as a beach.

We also got to eat the best hot-dogs i have ever tasted by the sea side, right next to these people:

The are the most amazing (hilarious thing). A little info about them -

Yue Minjun uses his own iconic face in a state of hysterical laughter as a signature trademark. Recognized universally as a sign of happiness, the smile raises questions of intent and interpretation. One of the most influential contemporary artists in China, Yue Minjun represents the new wave of Chinese artistic freedom.
A-Mazing Laughter marks Yue Minjun’s Canadian debut. 

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