31 Jan 2011

Of Names

There is a trend in our household. By our, I mean Nate and I (and our Spitz-Terrier Frosty who is still part of, but in another continent). The trend is  where I bring up babies, he ignores it. I bring up baby (notice the tense) he kinda indulges. While we are on the baby topic, we discuss names. He is supposed to name the baby if its a girl, I will name if its a boy. I pretty much have decided the name, which he actually likes, but he has not come up with the girl name. At this rate, when we do get the baby, and its a girl, she is going to be nameless for a while.

So today, by some chance, I was reading about something very unrelated to babies and names, when I came across this

Now, if that is really his name,  I bet his parents never had conversation on what they would name their baby. Or maybe the woman left it to her man, who was too lazy, and picked the first name off his brain, since little man was now born ans they needed something to write on his birth certificate.

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