7 Feb 2011

What's in my handbag?

I commented on Mrembo's blog that none of ladies tagged on the "What's in My handbag?" posts had included pads or tampons in them. I thought maybe women stopped doing that and no one gave me the memo...So, she tagged me. And now I have to tell you whats in mine.

**dumps all contents on couch**.
  1.  Business cards. Mine and other peoples.
  2. Moleskin / Pen.
  3. A white and blue tube written serum re activant cils. I got this in a L'oreal Swag bag last year. I never opened it, but it looked cool to carry around. Just Googled it. I think its for eyelashes.
  4. Earrings. - 1 pair 
  5. Pair of Keys
  6. Lots and lots of assorted coins.
  7. Little Lacie harddrive with cable in a small bag
  8. USB drive
  9. Digital stills camera
  10. Laptop charger
  11. Phone 
  12. A random piece of paper with a phone number. mhhh
  13. Ipod touch / headphones
  14. Ipod / headphones (**Ipod touch belonged to Nate. Hegot an iphone, 'donated' the ipod touch to me. Useful coz it gets internet / wifi. Stupid coz i have to carry them both around as the Ipod has all my music.)
  15. Sennheriser  earphones pouch.  Carries various sizes of Ear tips ear buds  covers replacement. ( I have tiny ears. Been hard to find earphones that stay in place)
  16. T-mobile refill card ( gosh, they are so big. should get advise from Safaricom, bamba 50 cards save trees...)
  17. Wallet - contains
  • Pic of me and this Korean girl I met in Berlin. We became good friends,  took silly pics at an instant photo booth. We lost touch.
  • Pic of Nate
  • Pic of my baby sis (one of them)
  • Money (Kenyan, Canadian, Euro, USD)
  • Lot and lots of receipts.
  • credit cards x3
  • ATM cards x2
  • Health insurance card
  • Various supermarkets and grocery stores Reward cards- Kenyan. All US ones are all on the keys. An idea I should share with Nakumatt and Uchumi.
  • Kenya Museums membership card
  • AA membership card (the automobile association. Not the one you are thinking)
  • British Airways card
  • Virgin Atlantic card
  • Turkish Airlines card
  • Lufthansa Airlines card 
14. Make-up bag that contains:
  • Liplicious Lip gloss from Bath&body Works. Can't live without. (x6 tubes of different flavours. They are like 3 for $5!!!. How could i not? Plus they are all so yummy! )
  • L'oreal Made For me Lipstick. I apply it once in a while. I lick it off minutes later. Till the next 'one in a while'. You guessed. Did not buy it. Was in that swag bag too.
  • L'oreal Studio Secrets eye shadow. Swag bag. Use it one in a while.
  • L'oreal Mascara. Swag bag. never used. Tried, eyes looked like I had used a huge piece of charcoal. too much work.
  • M.A.C moisturizing 2 way powder. This I use.
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Dior Addict 2 perfume small bottle.
  • miniature toothbrush / toothpaste. From a Virgin Atlantic flight
  • BYS Bronze shimmer pencil. Never used it. Again, some girl gave me.
  • Sunglasses x2 Black and brown cat-eye .
  • Sisley lipstick. A pal had it. convinced it me to try it. I liked the colour. I kept it. Never even looked at what brand  it was till now!
  • Nivea Happy Time roll on
  • Small Black Amethyst perfume - from Bath and Body Works. Yeah i love B&BW)
  • Fair & Lovely. Use a lot. Reminds me, last tube. Gotta check if they sell them here...Most girls have asked me if it bleaches me or reacts with my skin. Nope, I love it. since high school. and mys skin is a testament to that. Don't believe me, check it out here. You also get to meet Nate :)
  • Nivea Fruity shine lipgloss. Bought it Nairobi. Hates how it condenses on lips and becomes whitish. Not throwing it away, yet. What if one day I don't.  have my other Lipgloss and my lips are really dry?
  • Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa hand cream  (x2 tubes. couldn't decided which flavour I wanted. Boyfriend was in a hurry. Grabbed both...plus buy 2 get one free..)
  •  1, 2, 3, 4....14 Kotex tampons. (Their little white and red love-hearts cover is are so cute! But that's not the reason I carry them...)
  • Farmasi wet wipes
  • little paper napkins / towels? no idea what they are called
  • Eyeliner. Used as much as the lipstick
  • Various hair pins and clips- useless anyway as i cut my hair. 
  • Mini shampoos and hand lotions from various hotels. They all smell the same...tacky. But they come in handy. when someone asks me for hand lotion, and i don't think they are nice enough to get my B&BW ones, I give these.  I am men like that...
15. Little ziplock bag containing:
  • Passport (x2 old and new)
  • check books x2 (personal and joint account)
  • Kenya driving licence
  • Int'l driving licence
  • More business cards (mine)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate / booklet. (x2. Had to travel urgently once. I was required to have one. Being stupid and cheap, and young, I got a fake one. Stop looking at me like that. Later, I got the shots. I should throw away the fake one)
  • Lots and lots of boarding passes
  • Lots and lots of movie ticket stubs. ( I never throw them away. I am working on making a scrapbook of  all the movie tickets stubs of all films I watch in theatres. One day, in the year 2080, they will be worth a lot of money. My future kindred will thank me)
  • DVD of my movie Togetherness Supreme - I never know who I will meet in Hollywood who will ask for a copy of my film :). Wishes, wishes
  • DVD of the the Trailer of the above movie - Always handy.
16. Black Sandals. ( oh yes they fit in there. I have a HUGE bag. The one where i can never find a thing unless i removed everything. Esp my phone when it rings..)
17. Various brochures from a film festival I just came from.
18. TicTacs
19. Dentyne Ice gum

Is my bag heavy? Most of the time. But I rarely walk...and if i do , I have a man who offers to carry it! And when i am done typing this, Laptop will go in there.

4 commented:

Ss said...

Large bag indeed. Must weight a ton. wonder, though, how come men don't carry handbags? Sounds that I could carry my whole house in one...

Even Angels Fall said...

Ss, It is very heavy. Apart from the make-up stuff, which are little bottles / tubes, everything else i do use / need.

Men don't like baggage, in every sense of the word :)

Gaella said...

nice blog you have here! My arm feels heavy though after reading this post : ) how about a pic of your purse?

Gaella said...

nice blog you have here! My arm feels heavy though after reading this post : ) how about a pic of your purse?