9 Apr 2011


Was shopping around the Net. Either I am damn cheap and do not understand fashion, or there is something wrong with these listings!

How much do you think this dress is worth?

 Real cost: $795.00 USD. About Ksh. 63,000. I can get this from a tailor in Kenyatta Market in Nairobi for less than $10! It's just tie n' dye material!

Real cost: $895.00 USD. About Ksh. 71,000. Even I, who could not even complete an apron sewing class in high school can make this ugly thing!

This one?

 Real price? $815. About 65,000. Even I can cut half of my sweater and combine it with half of my dress!

Another one...

Real price $1,000. About 80,000. Ino ni Ndwui? (what the heck is that?). Hata kama niyakufua nguo, sitaki!


 Real price? $1,000. About Kshs. 80,000. Bet you I can buy black bedsheet  and make it look like that!


Real price $1,200. About Kshs. 96,000. That is how Nate's shirts look on me when I sleep in them.

And this one?

Real price? $2,327. About Kshs. 187,000.  What exactly I'm i paying that much for? Definitely not for the time it took to make it!

What about this one?

Real Price $4,900. About Ksh.392,000. For a dress that looks like my grandmothers curtains! It better last forever and massage me as I move. Heck, it better be able to take instructions!

8 commented:

Anonymous said...

well, it actually depends on who the designer is, and the availability of the dresses. If they are coture they will be that expensive and there will be people willing to buy some pieces just for exclusivity's sake. I wouldn't buy those pieces though... try asos.com or shopbop, they have pretty and afordable stuff for people in our age :)

Even Angels Fall said...


I don't care who the designer is. some dresses you look at and you go like, if I had that, I would pay! others, like these ones, not even for free!

I will keep shopping at www.dots.com!

Even Angels Fall said...

@Solid, Just checked Shopbop..no way! I do not buy tops for over $50. I am that cheap!

Nyambura said...

I'm still gawking in shock at the price tags and i'm thinking "Those are ALOT of Mac notebooks!!!!"

mrembo said...

lol.. it is because some hot shot has stuck their name on it. I am all for good workmanship and material and will pay a certain amount. .. but as you said.. some of those, you look at it and think... ah ah.. this I can do myself for much less.

Randomcarole said...

hehheheheehe! Ate atia? Thekete ngathira!! Surely! Hiyo fashion wacha ikae. Nkt!! Yaani imagining the number of hot outfits I could buy from any one of these home-ec-garments-gone-wrong is just washaing me!!

Shoes maybe but even then my most expensive pair cannot fikia any of those rags. YAWA!!

Randomcarole said...

Eh, thanks for the www.dots.com link! Weee! Now that you have sparked my inner shopaholic, can you be my link to fabulosity??

nicholas kariuki muthaara said...

gal ur definately an enemy of fashion.mie nawear mtumba