17 May 2011


On Saturday 14th (night) I was sitting in my office, checking my Facebook, waiting for footage that we had spent the whole day filming to log / capture. I saw my mother's status update - "If Ndaragwa idps are eating cats where are we heading?." 

That sparked something in me.

3 years later, we still have not rebuilt our country. We have forgotten. And if we have not, then we are waiting for someone else to do it. We are content to sit around and complain. Yes, the government should be resettling IDPs, working with them towards sustainable futures and livelihoods. But they are not. If they are, then they are moving far too slow for my liking. 

So I am acting, putting my, if you like money, where my mouth is. I am organizing a food drive. Within 1 week, I plan to collect enough food to feed them for 5 months. Within the 1st 1 month, I will work for them to find ways to create a sustainable food source, that they NEVER have to eat cats again, whether or not the government cares.

I have no idea how many people they are at the camp, but I know that I have enough passion and drive to get them food to last them that 5 months as we work towards a solution.

I am asking all my friends (and their friends) to help in this drive.

I have created an email address - food4idps@gmail.com. 

I will be collecting email address and various pledges through that email. The plan is to get them non perishables - Flour, Sugar, Salt, Rice, Maize, Beans (and all dry cereals), Cooking fat, etc

There is a pledge page coming up - www.foodforndaragwa.com. 

Blog about it, tweet it, spread the word...hashtag on twitter is #foodforndaragwa, and facebook event page is - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=207945099245612

Collect food from family, friends, supermarkets, etc. Dry foods would be most advisable as we will be taking the food on Sunday 22nd May to Ndaragwa

MPESA your donation to 0716 618 188. I will be sending a running ledger and sending it to the people who get involved / pledge so that everyone is aware of what has been collected. 

Join in the convoy going to Ndaragwa on 22nd May

Then we should raise money to buy them vegetables. We should buy vegetables from the farmers around the area, which will help grow the economy there.

Why Ndaragwa?

Just because its the final straw that broke my back.

I will drive there on Sunday 21st. My car carries 5, including me. I assume we will have a lot food, so maybe 3 :)

Anyone who is interested in driving with me, in a convoy, etc, email me on

If you want to volunteer your home / office as a drop off point, email me too on above address.

Drop off points so far are:

1. Reslotuion Health Offices - courtesy of @peternduati
a) Roshanmaer Place, Lenana Road
Pilot Line: +254 20 2894 000, +254 20 3874 774
Mobile: +254 722 200 025, +254 734 600 886

b) K-REP Plaza, Second Floor, Wood Avenue, Kilimani
Pilot Line: +254 20 3994 000
c)Bandari Plaza, Mezzaninne 3, Woodvale Grove, Westlands
Tel: +254 20 444 2893/4

2. Hot Sun Foundation
Olympic- Kibera
Tel: +254 20 251 6904 / 9
Less than 15 minutes from Nakumatt Prestige
See Map here - http://tinyurl.com/44tbyot

** I need to get in touch with:

--the journalist who covered the story Macharia Wamugo of Nairobi Star

-- the Camp chairman Charles Kariuki

Since its going to be a task to organize this, Sms only. No calls please - 0716 618 188. I will respond to all emails and sms :)

If you have more ideas on what you / we can do...do share!