14 Jun 2011

She returns

...to tell you that she is Spain-bound tonight.  Then Zanzibar.

I noticed that every time I say I have been busy and 'will tell you all about it' I actually never do. So I am not going to make that promise this time round. However, I will promise to take enough photos to make you jealous for the next 3 months. Since Nate is still in Los Angeles, I am also not going to be posting 'Close your Eyes' lyrics as a goodbye to him.

The past 2 months have seen me raise about KES 170,000 for IDPs in Ndaragwa who were eating cats due to lack of food- something that made their MP so guilty he went there after a long time, complete a TV show pilot whose presentation went really well, get the gifted soulfool to work with me in my company, half of my  Kibera Film School students to work on the set of a feature film for a month and the rest to work on a video for a conference presentation.

So that was the work update. No love life update. Still in love, fight now and then to remind ourselves we still care.

See you next post.

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