7 Apr 2006

My faithfuls...

I went out yesterday, the survey dates that i take myself for. My pick, a nice pub that plays Rock on Thursdays.. Tough luck i have is the lie that i tell myself that i will walk in there and meet a face..

Waht happens when i walk thru the door? I know the bouncer, I know hte waiters...(so thoase i ignore and dont say hello).. Befoer i locate an empty seat, i have 5 voices calling out my name!!That told me something, either am known by man people, or am just famous amoung drunks!!!It's not a bad thing to be known (even by pub-aholics) it's the paradox that comes with it. I don't take alcohol!! I'm as sober as a (let me Google that simile)...Where do i gt off being a celebrity among them? So i wave at my faithfuls(what i call those men who cant just take a wave for a hi and have to hug and hold longer...) and sit as far away from them as possible...the counter...Big mistake!!!I'm now on open space, vulnerable to irritating vultures who can't talka whole sentence without making me want to reach fro my umbrella..anywa, i'm so good at fending them off, my faithfuls always complain that i don't have any use for them....:-

(To cut this crap, i eye sonme guy who after few glances joins me..J.H. Christ, i have never talked to someone who would rather listen to their own voice!! He asks me a question, interupts my answe and answers the qn and this goes on for a while until i geeeet up and move to sit with a faifthul who is all alone..Only to lear later that our One-Man Conversationalist (OMC)has told one of my faithfuls that he thinks am a slut coz am talking to everyone(read: men), and am alone in the pub... and my faithful wants to punch his nose off him...(kisses Micheal, that was awesome)

Anyway, i stop the fight, not coz i mind men fighting over me, esp being defended(now he cant compalin i have no use for him) but it raining outside and i don't want this OMC thrown out in the rain at midnight...The faithful i moved to sit wiht is a wt blanket in all aspects of that phrase. nothing to him works, nothing to him is a good idea...everything sucks(well, apart from his)...and he thinks www.myspace.com is bull, and www.blogger.com is the thing...

So, me the challenge lover logged in here today to see how it goes....

So far? mhhh


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