19 Mar 2007

The Reckoning

So i quit my job today. And i say that in the calmest way possible. It feels funny, not coz i quit the job, but coz I'm sitting in a cyber to type in this, a place i have not visited in the last couple of years... perks of working in an office. plus I'm sitting next to DVP. Yep, he's back, and no telltale feathers on his clothes, so I'm still investigating to see if he was really with the real birds!

Have not blogged for weeks , but that's coz i was busy. busy sorting my career, which seems to be what i do after a couple of weeks, but this time , it sorted for real.I thought i was going into advertising to get the challenge, to feel the rush. the only rush i felt came at around 5 o'clock... the one to go home. i think there is that rush in advertising, just not in the agency i went to. So now I'm back to production, which is what i think the reason i live..corny.. i know.

Meanwhile, DVP and i read an article that claims that we should communicate and spend lots of time together since we'll be having an LDR and he is taking it literally.We are doing that a lot.. and I'm not complaining . think of all the women out there who wish their boyfriends could say more than 'hi, where is the remote?' to them in the house! I'll be taking the remaining weeks of this month to bond and de-bond ( as he calls it when we are not bonding but heading the opposite direction...) who knows, i think I'm getting a well deserved holiday to some island...

I'm not so creative today, so I'll leave.

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