6 Mar 2008

Paradoxes frozen in time

Any other day, I would have said that this is not normally the kind of things I post. Maybe I was not realistic enough, but after what happened in Kenya months ago, I have come to realize that I'm not exempt from war and other calamities, and it could easily happen to me. So, here is a collection of deeply moving pictures that might have escaped our minds (or will) yet they remain frozen in the moment eternally.

Malcolm W. Browne, USA

1963. Thich Quang Duc, the Buddhist priest in Southern Vietnam, burns himself to death protesting the government's torture policy against priests. Thich Quang Dug never made a sound or moved while he was burning.

Hictor Rondsn Lovera, Venezuela

1962. A soldier shot by a sniper hangs onto a priest in his last moments.

Kyoichi Sawada, Japan

1966. U.S. troops in South Vietnam are dragging a dead Vietkong soldier.

Ut Cong Huynh, Vietnam

1972. After South Vietnam planes accidentally drop a bomb on a town.

Stanley Forman, USA

1975. A woman and a girl falling down after the fire escape collapses.

Kevin Carter, South Africa

1994. Hunger stricken child crawling towards an United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away during the 1994 Sudan Famine.

Jean-Marc Bouju, France

2003. An Iraqi prisoner of war tries to calm down his child

In the same world, we have beauty profound. Immensely intoxicating with exquisite wonders. I always wonder if the people responsible for the above atrocities have eve had an encounter with scenes like these;

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