22 Mar 2008

The silence

It's not that i haven't had anything to write, I just have not been able to consolidate my thoughts long enough to form a comprehensive paragraph. Spell check was invented for people like us.. otherwise we would be certified illiterates.
So what have i been up to? Spending a weekend of coaching about reality and who i am. Funny that that came about after i had posted a blog on the same. I'm enlightened and is continually creating possibilities...

Then I went to a Huruma Children's Home in Ngong on Good Friday and fell in love with Sam...

Afterwards, my pals (most of them who i had just met) got on a convoy
of about

6 cars .... (count them!)

and headed to Ole Polos for some Nyama Choma.

We ordered a full goat and 2 chickens! Funny, i remember seeing the meat and asking, 'Is that ALL?' I'm the kind that won't let you hear the last of my whinnying when I'm hungry, give me food and I'm full after two bites. Lars and I worked a system to avoid food wastage, especially with those expensive dinners - I have to order something he will like as he has to finish his food, and mine. We have become experts at switching plates, we should write a book on that! Anyway, 10 pieces of nyam chom (as it's fondly known) and I was good to go. I went sight seeing.. and my, the sights!

View of Magadi Road from Ole Polos

Afterwards, we went dancing even though I had not yet packed for my one week in Uganda. I finally went home around 1am and did my packing then. 4 hours later, I was up ready for my taxi and cursing why i chose an early morning flight.

Hours later, I'm here on my hotel balcony, Muyenga Club, typing this. I'm thinking of leaving and exploring the pubs...

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