27 Aug 2008

Crown jewels chopped

Not those ones. The Brits can go back to bed. Those are still standing. intact. working. and doing whatever crown jewels do when they are not on the head. or giving head.

Other crown jewels.More important ones. Royal in their own special way. Unique some might even say. But 'some' say a lot of things.

I agree it's a rite of passage, and maybe the men need to go through at least some kind of a painful experience, maybe to equate it to something close to childbirth. Though this point is redundant for those who undergo it during birth, which I think is a mothers freudian way of getting back at the boy on behalf of all the women's lives his willy is going to mess up.

So what happens when this well intentioned rite of passage becomes a horror of passage? I know the men right now have stopped scrolling and are holding them goods tightly. The knife slipped, and the tip cut off by mistake...they said. It's hard and brave enough to let anything sharp come close your bag o' goodies... and then it slips? Not good. Mistake. Never a good word to use. An even worse word to use is 'might not work'...

Daddy dearest, one who took his boy to this ceremony (wonder if they still look at it as that), said that he had 'Learnt a bitter lesson'. You think, daddy?? It's the effing boy's manhood that was 'accidentally' cut and 'might not work' whe he finally needs it and you think you leanrt a bitter lesson? Pray, do tell. which? Yours is still intact!!! So he might be able to pee. Thank heavens for small mercies. Really small since now they have been chopped off.

Oh, and he is not suing! His boy, at 16 has just been rendered useless (not saying that men don't have other uses... I'm just having a hard time listing them) and he is not suing??

I'd be suing over here

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