28 Jan 2010

Looking for a Jury / Judges

Its been 6 months of intense work, and now the students  from the Kibera Film School are about to graduate.
For those who are not aware what the film school is all about, you need to go to their blog, NOW!
The film school is an initiative of our production company, Hot Sun Films and our non profit organization, Hot Sun Foundation. It is based in Kibera, and caters to the youth of Kibera. We help them nurture their passion and talent in filmmaking by providing a space, equipment / technology  and instructors from the Kenyan film industry to be their instructors.

There will be a graduation ceremony in March (invitations later) for now, I am looking for a jury, much like in film festivals to watch the students final projects and select the best 3. There are 9 students, each with 2 projects, making it a total of 18 films.

The are currently working on these projects and will be done by 2nd week of February. You will have a week to watch the films then submit your evaluation. I will provide an evaluation form.

For those looking for interns, it will be a good opportunity to scout for talent in a place where talent has been ignored and not nurtured for a long time.

If you  are interested in serving on the jury, please email me: mercy@hotsunfilms.com

Prepare to be mesmerized!

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