7 Apr 2006

What I know

Everything in my life(and yours too) falls into 3 categories:

1. Things that I know that I know (I was born...)

2. Things that I know that I don't know (How many times i can achieve orgasm in one night)

3. Things that I don't know that I don't know (now, I wouldn't be able to give examples now would I? if I would, then it moves to the 2nd category)

And every time I wish I didn't know the things I know...information is power, so said a pal of mine when I was a teenager, which has been a guide to me through the years. What he didn't say, because he didn't know... (maybe this falls in the 3rd category for him) is that it is also destructive. The more you know, the more sentinel we become. The more informed I get, the more paranoid I become, bred by what I've fed my mind with.

The mind, being the stupid absorbent thing it is, interprets and relates unrelated events into one big complex twist...that's why I can't watch a horror movie and sleep alone (with the lights off) that night.

I'm in the film business, I know all about SFX, animation and all..but I still get scared. Why? Because my mind has related the movie and woven it into my life...I get into this obscure world of mine, by reading. Then I discovered that when am done with the book, and am out of the world, I KNOW MORE!!! I'm escaping the information by gathering more. I wanna get out of my mind, not know...I wanna get off all the information in me, wipe the slate clean!!!


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