February 21, 2008

A question I'm sure all men have but no one to answer it. I'm not going to offer you answers, sorry, I'm just asking the question also. I talked to a pal of mine today after a long time, lets call her Mari. Mari has been trying to dump her boyfriend for a few months now. reason? He is not ambitious for her liking. Well, he works hard, he has an okay job but he is comfortable with that. And worse, he lives like pauper. He store away all his money - for the future he says. That doesn't work for my pal Mari, as she says she is alive now, the huger chunk of that money should be used now. It sounded like a petty thing to me until I realized that she had told me that on more than five occasions.

She does not have a job and they have a mutual agreement in which he supports her financially at times. She does not want him to use that money on her, she wants him to invest it, put it towards an income generating project that she will see results from. That does not seem to be going through his head. It is so bad that he has opted to live in shady part of town just to save the money - he living at the bare minimumest

So she gave up and decided to dump him. But he is sweet and kind and she feels guilty about leaving him. Mari ignores him for a while and until he gets the gist.

Now, she is regretting her decision. Why? because the world out there is harsh for her and she thinks about him, to quote her, 'First thing when i wake up, last thing before I fall asleep, and all the time in between'

What I'm i supposed to tell her? You asked for it? Go back and compromise? Hold on, the waves of missing him will pass and soon you will find the one?