29 Feb 2008

Pop Idols Kenya

So tomorrow i take my baby sister for auditions for Pop Idols. I have to say that i admire her courage to do this, and the least i can do is to make sure she is there on time and looks hot! We spent hours coming up with that outfit that is not too tacky nor too bland. I had the shoes picked out, a new pair of fuck me boots I HAD to buy last week, never knowing when they will come in handy. Definitely not on location! Hard to describe them. They look like a blend of the boot with the laces, the one with the buckles and the one with the stiletto heels.

Picture that!

It's now 11.56am, she has just gone to bed with after a practice session on the song she is going tomorrow, and i seriously trying to play Simon Cowell. Talking of Simon, I saw this week ago, never thought I'd actually get to share it!!

How utterly insensitive!

Back to my sisters outfit... we then settled on a clinging blue halter neck dress - like the one below, without the flowing skirt- clinging and short! and she went off to bed happily.

I'm feeling like a very good big sister...

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