6 Jun 2008

I don't mind being a fluffer...

...if you will support me. No I do not want you to stage a demonstration. Although something like this in my honour i would not say no to.

I know a couple of guys tried to do that in for me (bless them).

I know you are dying to find out if i went out on that date. Well, just drop dead.

Back to fluffing. I know, i know, you can scroll back and stare later. This is obviously directed to the females and gays here. As for the rest, you can hate and move on. I do allow hatin' here as long as it is founded. A man hatin on another very hot man is okay...he got what you'll never have. I know you are also interested to know who I'm fluffing, you dirty minded <insert insult here>

I just discovered No nofollow movement. When I really want to understand something, i ask a person to explain it to me like I'm a 5-year old. It works. you should try and credit me while at it.

So I'm going to do the same with you.

Somewhere in your html is a gnome that adds a 'nofollow' extension to all posting on your blog from external sources. Yep, all those comments and links backs that other very nice bloggers leave you are considered aliens in your blog.

We all, (okay, most of us) want other people to comment on our blogs, even when we have said nothing important. (all words between 'our blogs' and 'nothing important' were typed under hypnosis by the 'nofollow' demons).

Commenting on other people's blogs helps you establish external links to your blog, which i heard is good for your blog's rankings, for those who care about rankings. Those who blog just to be heard, you might want to be heard by more people...i think, i don't know really.

If you're worried about spamming, you can remove the 'no follow' on the comments and not on backlinks. Bearing in mind that my departed goldfish Brian (see here why he is departed) was my Personal Assistant as he had a higher memory capacity than i have, I will stop pretending to give you and take you to the real teacher. Yes, I'm fluffing the teacher. Off you go for your lesson on 'no follow'.

Oh, before you go, (i hated it when my teacher said that) something for all Blogger users:

Did you know that posting a comment using Google/ Blogger ID does not help you get a link back to your blog? No sire! It links back to your Blogger Profile which is really useless. (well, not all that useless). So, next time you post a comment, and you come to the 'Choose Identity' part, ignore the Google/ Blogger, ignore the Open ID associated BS and select Name / URL. That enables you to key in your blog url... cool huh? I'm sure there are instructions for wordpress users somewhere, i just wasn't bothered to look. Sorry guys.

Homework - leave me a comment, lets see if you understood the above. I will visit you and give you extra coaching, (if you know what i mean)

So, that it for today. I have actually given advice on blogging! I will name this day a holiday for all Dark Angel's descendants.

Now go!

3 commented:

Anonymous said...

OK...I am leaving comment using my name/URL...thanks for the TIP! :)

Wally said...

you've done your best with your html skills

looking great

(the nerd wally ;p)

Anonymous said...

The tip on the comment identity is really helpful. Thanks! I'll check out that no-follow thing as well.