5 Jun 2008

Of journalists who shame me

I love my country, make no mistake about that. Soon, I'll be posting reasons why. No that i need any, but i feel i should let the world (read internet) why Kenya is top in my 'I Love' list. Yes, i have such a list. One day, I will let you into my 'lists' world.

I do (not) like journalists a lot. They tells us what is going on around us, highlight issues and such but sometimes they annoy the daylights out of me. We all know that it is good to beat the daylights out of another but to annoy? That is an extreme. (Disclaimer- I use good loosely. very very loosely. In fact, so loose, it has fallen off this blog, leaving you with no proof that i said it is good to beat up people)

So when i saw this headline on one of our newspaper the worst i could do was roll my eyes. And roll them i did as they are still hurting.

Now that he has gone and won the nominations, we claim him as our own. If you ask me (which i bet no (Kenyan) will, the only Kenyan thing about Obama is his name. Those 5 letters are the alpha and omega of his Kenyanship.

Not that I do not like him. Oh, no. It's not like he is this guy.

I'm not even sure why i do not like that guy above. Is he as bad as these two hooligans?

My mother is still angry at me for going off to the beach with them last summer. It's not like they were terrorists! Gee, Mom!

Anyway, congratulations Obama. I wonder what some of his tribesmen would have done had he not won. Maybe they would have flown to New York to show their anger?

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