11 Jul 2008

I admit I'm Cheap

Stop looking at me like that, so are you! If you walked into a shop and you came across a sign that gave you the option to get stuff for free or to buy them, you'd 150% go for the free option. We always look at the hobos in a funny way (not funny ha-ha) when they hold their little signs to us or wave their tip cups towards us, but what we don't know is that they are way better than us.

They have the courage to show the world that they are not willing to work for a thing and still want to live in the same world as you. They can get up each morning , go to the same spot everyday and shove their cups in your face, whether you insulted, ignored or sneered at them yesterday and the days before that. Now that is what I call courage. It's what I call knowing what you want and going for it. Looking the world in the eye, telling it to go Fornicate Under the Consent of the King with itself. I do not condone laziness, but the mere fact that they make the effort to stand on that corner, day in day out, and talk you into giving them money, or the fact that they actually got that little sign drawn means that they are creative. Seriously, even if you were hit with all the ingeniousness of the world, poured into you in buckets, i bet you would not think of this!

I'm talking about award winning signs!

More still...

You gotta give it to these guys! Creative Directors at Ad Agencies should be going to them for ideas, would save us the audience those horrible TV commercial we have to endure. Something i noticed while researching on hobos... they effing have a website! Now, how on earth do they access the internet? Forgive my ignorance... actually, don't... This website has all their signs, art, meetings dates and even a grapevine! I don't even want to think about what the grapevine contains. That is waste of perfectly recyclable thoughts.

So me cheap woman, came across a website that was giving stuff away for free. They were - ok, still are - giving away an Ipod Nano. I have an Ipod Classic (but do i say?) but a couple of my friends do not. I do not want to get this Ipod Nano for them becasue i love them. uh-uh. It's because i love my ipod so much and getting such texts on my phone is beginning to really annoy me!

Hey Dark, Sorry about loosing your house to the hurricane. Could I borrow your Ipod today?
To win this Ipod, I have to write the contest. I don't know what to say about it..except that it is a contest by two very idle bloggers. They are competing to see who gets the most RSS feed subscribers. My advise to them would be to talk to me nicely so that i can show them by who is my picking my Rss feed and how to get theirs picked too.

The contest is here, and i think they are giving away money too.

Meanwhile, this is the sign I'll be holding if i don't win

Other hobos meet here too.

7 commented:

Anonymous said...

"how on earth do they access the internet?"

They will suck dick for bandwidth. That site with their signs on though - that's fucking hilarious, it really is.

Anonymous said...

Sucking dick for bandwidth... I'd do that. Why do people always think that the sucker does not get as much pleasure as the suckee? It's good for th cheekbones too!

Anonymous said...

You know, I saw some 20/20 special on "hobos" and some of them make hundreds of dollars/day with their panhandling. Who's the idiot? Us working our asses off to pay the bills or them sitting on a street corner & making more money than some of us.

Anonymous said...

"Please Help Me Help You From Being a Rich Dickhead" is the most spiritual, compassionate, anti-materialist spiritual offer I've heard in some time.

Anonymous said...

"Sucking dick for bandwidth... I'd do that."

You know? If SEO Experts discovered that comment, the blogosphere would reverberate with a resounding "unzzzzzzzzip".

Anonymous said...

I like the one saying Help Me Help you...lol.

You have a really interesting point about the marketing efforts and skills of these homeless people...maybe there is a thing or two we could learn!

YogaforCynics said...

"Please Help Me Help You From Being a Rich Dickhead" is the most spiritual, compassionate, anti-materialist spiritual offer I've heard in some time.