3 Jul 2008

I've been exposed

No, not my after hours activities. Those are still a well guarded secret. No, I'm not telling you. I will not tell you in a box, with a fox, and do not tempt me with Courtney Cox, not if the fox were Courtney Cox. But since that is not the case, get away from my face. Yes, even Johnny Bravo is quotable.

My blog has been getting exposure. Yep! other people have actually realized that I exist. It's quite a shock for me as I did not think anyone (on earth) reads whatever I put on this blog. I do know that my trusted friends at that land where men are supposedly from do read it occasionally. They recently sent me a picture of their President receiving my RSS feed, which I thought it was only fair that I share.

I have been told that my blog has a calming effect, and such scenes have not been witnessed since they started picking up on my blog.

Instead, they have been working in a campaign to encourage me to move there

because they heard that I do 'go all the way.' No idea what they are trying to imply. Hey, I'm not easy, what give you the right....grumble grumble grumble.

I got a call telling me that some journalist would like to interview me in regards to my blog. Reluctantly, I agreed. I find questions like ' Why do you blog?' as irrelevant as 'Why do you sleep?' though I was very nice to her. The interview was shown on CNBC Africa. Another Kenyan blogger who was on the same show blogged about it and mentioned me over here. I will be posting an extract of that interview here soon (soon in Angel's language could mean years.)

JC (No, not Jesus Christ) picked me up too. I had no towel not did I raise my thumb, (if you don't know what that means go hang yourself. Seriously. Now!!) but somehow, she is featuring this fallen angel on her blog. I also noticed that Angelika has been visiting in the dead of night to peek at my codes!

So there, the Dark Angel has been getting exposure- of the good kind. If you've exposed me somewhere, let me know, I'll talk about you!

Almost forgot, I've also been exposed here!

3 commented:

Anonymous said...

Would love to read an extract of that interview dark

and the more exposer your blogs get the better :)

xx your pal Wally

jccleofe said...

Hi, thanks again for talking about JC.

Angelika said...

Well no one will tell me how to do it, so I have to "peek" & "swipe"! ;-)