8 Jul 2008

The Incredibly Hulky Thoughts...

WARNING - Nudity ahead. (for about 2 seconds depending on how fast you scroll)

I'm an avid movie goer, no, scratch that, I'm a movie whore. I got to every movie that opens in our theaters, regardless whether it premiered anywhere. I will watch anything that has a moving image. I will sit through that horrible film and throw popcorn at the couple necking in front of me and / or concentrate on picking out as much product placement as I can. I cannot believe that some people i know thought this is what product placement is...

Anyway, I will spot the continuity problems (because my first job in the film industry was a Continuity Girl before being demoted to a Production Manager. You can see my job description here.)

I will let you know before I go very far in this movie critique-wannabe, that I have a notorious reputation of falling asleep even before the black guy dies. And if you watch movies a lot, you will know that the black guy dies even before the opening credits finish. I only fall asleep while watching movies in the house, usually after making Lars / cat / teddy bear/ or whoever i am with to watch a movie they would rather not watch or has watched it countless times before me. Sometimes, I have seen the black guy die even before the establishing shots are over. On extreme cases, he dies on the montage and never makes it to the main movie. I'm not complaining. No, not at all. If they kept the black guy for a minute longer he might realize how silly the whole movie is and walk away anyway. Rumour has it that Will Smith arranged the filming of a secret ending of I Am Legend after he learnt that he was going to 'live happily ever after.' He had his boys film that last scene where he blows himself up, edited it and delivered it to the producers. They had no option than to change the ending of the movie as he refused to shoot their end version. Beat that!

Sometimes, when I stay awake long enough, I will notice things that the Director did not have in mind as one of the things to be noticed by the audience. Ever wondered why the bad guys will always miss hitting the Hero in a shoot-out but it will only take the Hero one shot to gun one down? Are these the best shooters the main bad guy could afford? Really? How comes the bad guys will always wait in line to attack the the hero and watch as he kills them one by one like a bunch of scared 3rd graders ? In real life, don't they all just come down on you? 400 pounds of muscle? EACH??

Real Life.



I finally went to watch the Incredible Hulk. I'm an Ed Norton fan, I think he never ages which never seizes to baffle me. Or maybe I'm just blind to the world of make-up, but doesn't that boy look younger with every role he plays?

I've always wondered, why is that when Banner becomes Hulk, his shirts gets ripped off into shreds threads yet his trousers are left decent enough? I know it's a comic that is watched by kids but even Superman has the decency to show us that he puts on the cape under his clothes. Spidey, on the other hand, does use his world-saving costume as his 'So you think you can dance' practise sessions.

For a while, our lovely hero went emo. Otherwise why would he change his costume to black? hear you disagreeing. I don't think it was a fashion statement.

At least, not this>>>

There are however, things that I wish would just go emo.

This where I'm leaning how to be Emo

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the antipop said...

hey, like how you write. very beautifully if i must elaborate. i am not a movie kind of person, so i shall have naught to say about your taken on the hero vs villain. oh and tx for dropping at mine. plus, you have ensured that i never watch I am Legend, seing as i know how it ends now... damn you

Anonymous said...

tHiS pOsT iSn'T eMo CuZ u dOnT tYpE lIeK tHIs AnD u hAvEnt TOlD eVeRyOnE hOw GoFfIk U aRe N hOw uR hEaRt Is fUlL oF pAiN n StUfF xxooXXooxx