27 May 2008

5 Reasons Australian Scientists are bringing back the Tasmanian Tiger

A while back, i posted somethign about Australian scientists (no, it was about all Australians really). Being the not so creative person i can be on perfectly sunny days that i should, for the love of mankind, be creative, I asked Nate for help.

Nate, one of my favourite humourists does awesome '10-reasons why' posts. They include; 10 different ways to say go f*$k yourself, 10 reasons why Nate's plane was canceled, 10 questions to ask your financial adviser - no, not your wife!. My personal favourite, 10 reasons why Dick Cheney is the perfect Personal Assistant.

So, here goes -

1. They are adding a new team to the Australian Women's Basketball league and need a new mascot.

2. Scientists from around the world are working on bringing back animals their country has driven to extinction. American scientists are bringing back Buffaloes, and German scientists are bringing back Jews.

3. Tired of yuppy tourists in search of cute cuddly animals like koalas and kangaroos, Australian scientists are creating something a little different for Americans to encounter.

4. Overpopulation.

5. Australia's newest reality TV show "Last Tasmanian Tiger Standing"!

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