21 May 2008

No, I will not date that cabbage

Yesterday i went for dinner at my friend D. No much whining done yesterday - from either side. Okay, i did. Said i was lonely. Part of what got me invited for that dinner in the first place. Could have told him that I was too lazy to cook, or that my fridge had a something that used to be edible, now looks like it's going to crawl out of the refrigerator soon.. with a whole clan in tow. No, had to play it subtle.

His estranged girlfriend is very argumentative, which is why is she is estranged. Told him if it's personality thing with your partner, better call it quits, or have them undergo brain surgery that changes personalities. He mentioned a hard word - cranio-something (damn) involving a brain surgery involves removing some parts of the brain, leaving a person completely useless, or in better, politically acceptable terms, a vegetable. And that was the end of that bit of the conversation.

Later, we were talking about dating some guy, and I said something like - Dating that guy would be as interesting as dating a ham sandwich. He looked at me and asked. Do you have much experience in that field? Well, i began. No...but it beats dating a vegetable, say a cabbage.

D mmhhh-ed me. When someone mmhh's you, it either means that a) they are not paying attention, b) they are wondering how to respond to you and c) Wondering whether you are still speaking the same language as them.

So would you date a cabbage?, he asked. Not the white ones, I said. Maybe the red cabbage. Got more personality.

I went home and thought about food and sexual fantasies. and wondered whether there is a term for sexual attraction to food. I found some:

Yeastiality - Sexual activity in which bread or dough is the focus of erotic desire.

Sitophilia - Sexual arousal by involving food in sex

Then I came across this one which we all suffer from.

Homeovestism - arousal of a person by wearing clothing appropriate to his or her gender. Isn't that also called being human?

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