May 16, 2008

I'm I fat??

Today I stood on the tiny weight scale in our office. Why we have one in the first place beats me. I think my boss is trying to tell us something. And the fact that it is conveniently put near the tea / coffee table, that is next to the staff refrigerator says a lot too.

Everyday i stand next to it as i pour myself a cup tea, or help myself to a Digestive cookie and make fun of how short it is. I mean, if you were five feet nothing (abbr. as 5' 0''), you would make fun of anything that you are lucky enough to look down on (including the cats, dogs and my boyfriend's you knowwhat). Today, I stood on it. Stood on it and looked down (sniggering)... As you may have guessed, I stopped sniggering when i saw the pointing needle go past 55 kgs. I have been telling myself that I'm 55 for a while now and when the needle stopped at 60, i jumped off!! Now, calculators of something i like to call Body Mustn't Increase (Body Mass Index) rates me as being in the 'overweight range' or slightly overweight. (note i did not put the bold in the 'overweight', they did. Either to show me how ugly that really is or just to emphasize.) This is what I'm told of my BMI:

Loosing weight will benefit your health and it is especially important that you don't gain any more. Being overweight is linked with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and other types of illness.

Can you imagine the nerve!!!! Me, the woman who does splits. You don't' believe me?

Yeah, that is me, you can tell by the fat in my ass...i mean, by my dreadlocks. Me, the slightly overweight , in the Overweight range woman. Do you think these (web) sites can tell that i'm a woman keying in these numbers and are trying to be politically correct as possible. You know, no to piss that black woman off. You know how these women can get when angry...'specially when it's about her booty!
Anyway, So I have decided to create a poll. All my readers... Do you think I'm fat? you can be as politically correct as you want. If the answer is yes, I'm get off my ass and buy this t-shirt;

How can you tell? below is a pic of me, taken after the scale / BMI fiasco.