May 20, 2008

My profile is still active on the dating site i met DVP, but modified. Today i logged in to about 10 messages waiting. This is hilarious!

Subject: hi,
From: The Hungarian Man
Date: 15-May-08

Hello baby,

I see that you realy are manager because we have same panel/table at company. I working at IBM - International Business machines corporation in Hungary as Test Engineer. (styorage business/DS 8000 series - - storage - disk storage -DS8000 servers Now I am in the office.

. . . with lot of kisssssss,

Apparently, this guy believes I'm in the profession i say i am in because the panel / table that i am sitting at on the picture in my profile looks like the ones they have in their office. Leaves not a lot to be desired of Hungarians...

What if i was a call girl and took the picture in one of my client's offices? Or the tea girl who waited until everyone had left the office and sat at my bosses desk?

Still wondering how to respond to him! Help?

... you suddenly discover that it is actually weird that you are becoming acquainted with a bug you've been seeing on your in-tray and not done anything about for over a week!

A friend of my boyfriend forwarded this a while back. Thought I' should share - for the sake of all my men readers out there.