May 28, 2008

Oh Come On!!

After watching CNN and the story on Down Under scientists and working my knickers in a twist (hard to do if you don't wear them to begin with), I spend hours digging dirt on OZ as my journalism lecturer taught me. Ok, i was not present for the lecture but my pal >>

who attended all lectures, who was also the most intelligent in our class gave me her notes and i read them religiously.
Her notes were really popular. The last kid who went through her school notes is pissed off at all of us because we dared correct him.

I did tel him though that i know my departed (and i use departed here in the whole sense of the world) goldfish, Brian that was way more intelligent that himAs you guessed, that did not go down well. I did, however leave him brochures to this school

Anyway, point was, i had the best schooling drugs can buy hence the reason I'm convinced I did very good job researching that post.

So you can only imagine my anger at going back to the Wikipedia link i had cited as my source and finding it edited! Yes, someone has removed the phrase 'one of the worst places to visit' , under the topic - Geography and nomenclature. The original phrase read :

"The Australian continent is the smallest and lowest-lying human-inhabited continent on Earth, and one of the worst places to visit with total land area of some 7,713,000 square kilometres."

I bet an Aussie did that. I suspect it's Sean. seeing as that happened shortly after his visit.

I still maintain that Australian Scientists suck... and here are five reasons why.